Bishkek’s National Fine Arts Museum

So, the photos on my fritzin’ memory card were largely recovered; not all, but at least some. Here are some photos of paintings and other works at the National Fine Arts Gallery in Bishkek; there wasn’t a lot there, not many people go (it costs 20 som for Kyrgyz (about $0.35), 100 som (I think) for foreigners- but some of what was there, was amazing. The old ladies who manned the various galleries refused to allow me to take their photos; I wasn’t allowed to take any, actually – but there wasn’t anyone there, and I didn’t see the signs until halfway thru…so I did the infamous “cough-n-click” to bring to you a falconer, a schoolgirl, some agricultural workers and a Kyrgyzstan mom-and-me morning.


~ by mimi on July 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Bishkek’s National Fine Arts Museum”

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  2. […] Picture via Saramistbixian. […]

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